Thinking Workshops...

UNIPAC takes a strict approach in creating intelligent workshops that cater not only for your current wants but also for your future needs. These workshops are ergonomic, functional and highly efficient.

UNIPAC has also tailored our list of services to create and support these workshops based on the principles involved in the design and operation of benchmark garages around the world.

Workshop Consultation and Planning

Tailored to the scale of your operation, UNIPAC's advice encompasses:

  • Effective workshop flow and practices
  • Optimized spatial management
  • Efficiency mapping
  • Appropriate type and quantity of equipment
  • Compliance to brand manufacturer's requirements
  • Timeline critical planning

2D CAD Workshop Design

Automotive workshop design is our niche. Our in-house designers and engineers understand the intricacies that go into planning an efficient garage thus taking great pride in making sure that the final product is aesthetically pleasing without any compromise to functionality; the true definition of when form meets function.

3D CAD Workshop Render

Going one step further, UNIPAC can give more depth to your 2D workshop plans by evolving it into a descriptive 3D render. This simply allows the client to visualize the end result with great clarity.

Installation of Equipment

Experienced in-house technicians from the UNIPAC Service Department (USD) will ensure that the client is able to utilize and enjoy the full benefits of the equipment they purchase in a safe manner due to a no-compromise approach during installation and maintenance procedures.

Project Management

UNIPAC's team of highly skilled project coordinators ensures that any job commenced follows a very strict timeline and that clear communication towards the client and all relevant parties is practiced. This guarantees results as UNIPAC ensures that the job carried out is to the best of our ability.

Testing and Commissioning of Equipment

Precision and reliability form a significant part of UNIPAC's core values. Thus, testing of installed equipment is vital to ensure quality. Only after the relevant equipment has passed a series of stringent tests conducted by our expert technicians, would we hand over the site to the customer.


The transfer of knowledge is coupled with technical training provided by our experienced in-house trainers who liaise very closely with the brands UNIPAC represents. We wish to ensure that the end-user is comfortable and competent when operating our equipment.

If additional support is required, we are happy to accommodate.

End Control Report

After all installation works are completed, UNIPAC sends unbiased technical personnel to scrutinize the site for potential errors. A detailed report is then generated and shared with the members of the team initially assigned for the install works. If needed, adequate rectification will commence shortly after.

This is another step UNIPAC takes to ensure we maintain a high standard.

License Applications

UNIPAC's expertise goes beyond just planning the client's workshop to these standards set by the 'Department of Environment' and the 'Department of Occupational Health & Safety'. We are also able to carry out the application process required to attain the necessary documents on the customer's behalf.

Preventive Maintenance

All UNIPAC service centres maintain an ever-ready helpdesk service that ensures our customers get full fledge support wherever and whenever they might be needed ensuring excellent after-sales support.

Going one step further, UNIPAC's unique preventive maintenance subscription (AMAX) allows the client to realize the full benefits of our aftersales support and enjoy a series of attractive benefits exclusive only to this program.

UNIPAC's unique preventive maintenance subscription (AMAX) allows the client to realize the full benefits of our aftersales support and enjoy a series of attractive benefits exclusive only to this program.

24/7 Service

In the event of an emergency, our USD team is ready to assist our clients around the clock. Our goal is to ensure that your operation runs smoothly with minimal hindrances.